The Lint Mill Dogs

Those of you who have stayed with us at The Lint Mill will be familiar with our lovely letterhead and logo.  It is taken from an original one-off linocut print by Jill Kerr.  Jill gave us this beautiful print as a gift when we moved here in October 2009.  It features four of our ‘girls’, Gertie, Maud, Lotte and Frieda (from left to right) and Jill captures their individual personalities even in silhouette.  Jill made this print before we acquired our second miniature wire-haired dachshund, Hilde and although we tried to ‘photoshop’ her on to the end, she does spoil the composition of the work!

With five dogs, we can certainly describe ourselves as real ‘dog lovers’ and it is with regret that we feel unable to welcome other dogs to The Lint Mill.  Sadly, with all our free range hens, peacock and our rare breed sheep, we just can’t take the risk.

If you are missing canine companionship during your stay, we can certainly lend you one of our girls  – Gertie for the best cuddles, and Maud for the experience of walking with a true Scottish aristocrat, the noble deerhound!

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  • Deborah August 1, 2014  

    We miss Lotte and Maud so much at The Lint Mill…Lotte was Colin’s little shadow and Maud felt like the spirit of this place. However, Eva, our new black and silver miniature Schnauzer is a bundle of youthful energy bringing her own unique spirit to The Lint Mill. We are very happy to have her.