The Lint Mill Newsletter

A snowy Lint Mill began 2022, as we published our first monthly newsletter.

We hoped it would be a great way to share our lives at The Lint Mill with our followers more regularly.

Each month The Lint Mill Newsletter contains the following enticing content:

  • The most interesting news of the month (it’s often tricky to decide)
  • A quote we’re currently pondering (and we do love a thought-provoking quote!)
  • What we’re currently reading, watching or listening to (we’re avid readers and podcast listeners)
  • What’s new in the Kitchen Garden (with seasonal ideas of things you can do in your own garden)
  • A tasty, seasonal, organic recipe from The Lint Mill Kitchen (usually something delicious we have tried from one of our favourite chefs)
  • Any special offers we think you’d like to know about (and that you might consider sharing with your friends)
  • A special ‘heads-up’ on our plans, new things that we’d like to share with you

The articles are ‘bite-sized’ because we know many of our subscribers are busy people and we know how many emails people receive on a daily basis. There is always the option to click on the link to read more. Of course, the newsletter is full of the kind of vibrant images that you have all come to know and love from The Lint Mill.

If you’d like our monthly newsletter popping into you inbox please fill in the brief form at the top right hand side of this page. We hope that you will look forward to your time with us each month and will make a moment to settle down with a cup of coffee and enjoy your little bit of The Lint Mill.

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