When it’s raining, there’s always the polytunnel

Well, it’s proving to be quite a wet and windy June. However, it was warm and dry for our afternoon in the polytunnel. Colin was planting out more runner beans and carrots and potting on the globe artichokes, while I was happiest tidying the potting benches and writing up all the new plant labels!

The growing season is well underway now. The runner beans are beginning to curl up the support, the second early potatoes are flowering and the aubergine, tomato and cucumber plants are doing nicely.

We’ve planted six varieties of basil in pots and we are very curious to see which is happiest to grow here. We have purple, thai, greek, lemon, lime and good old genovese basil and we’re looking forward to some delicious recipes ahead.

There’s plenty of fresh lettuce and rocket for salads everyday now but today we pick some pak choi for our stir-fry.

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