Lonely Pig Paddock WLTM 4 fun loving OSBs

Four cute OSB weaners or similar to root up my grass and turn my newly fenced neatness into a muddy, piggy paradise! GSOH essential.

Well, the newly fenced pig paddocks are all ready and our new pig ark is waiting but our four little Oxford Sandy and Black weaners that we are getting from Thornilea Cottage this year, are still to be born! This means we won’t have pigs in our new paddocks until the end of December. As we have only ever over-wintered our outdoor reared, rare breed pigs, having them from December to July will be a new adventure for us. However, we can all look forward to cute piggy pics in the frost and snow over the festive season this year!

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One comment

  • Deborah February 19, 2015  

    Well, the sow wasn’t in pig, so we had to wait for her next farrowing which was January 2015. Our weaners will arrive the second week of March 2015. Hooray!