You don’t have to don your wellies and get your hands dirty when you stay at The Lint Mill but many of our visitors choose to stay here because they are interested in life on a working smallholding. Please talk to us and we’d be happy to share our experience of surviving and thriving on our land with you. We even offer specialised smallholding courses if you get the ‘good life’ bug while you’re here.

You are very welcome to get to know our animals during your stay with us.  Many of our animals are very friendly, particularly our three beautiful Golden Guernsey goats Eva, Loki and Strega and their playful kids Murphy and Astrid. We have three lovely dogs; Hilde, Eva and Mouse. We also have some noisy guard geese Miss Bennett, Cyrano and Amelie who are Toulouse geese. You will also meet Mayur our splendid peacock wandering around the grounds.

We have a particular interest in traditional and native breeds, and we produce our own rare breed, organic pork, lamb, mutton and eggs. We rear mainly Soay sheep but have a couple of ‘old ladies’ who are Shetland and Hebridean ewes. We keep Oxford Sandy & Black and British Saddleback pigs and Scots Grey and Scots Dumpy hens.