We have been making our own Organic Goats Milk Soap since 2018. In those early days, Deborah was lucky to have lots of help from our lovely neighbour Niki who was a soap maker (she traded as Findlays Bar before changing career into teaching). Niki generously shared her soap making knowledge with Deborah to help us to make our own Lint Mill soaps. There has been a lot of learning since then, lots of trial and error with recipes and a lot of effort in finding the six favourite recipes that we feel capture the spirit of The Lint Mill.

Our soap is hand made in small batches of 20 soaps in The Lint Mill kitchen. It is not an industrial process; you might say it’s the very definition of a ‘cottage industry’. It is made from fresh, raw, organic goats’ milk from our goats who Colin hand milks every morning.

We use certified organic oils, butters and essential oils using the traditional ‘cold process’ method. This traditional process known involves mixing quality, organically sourced, natural oils with an alkali mixture, known as lye, which is made with the raw goats milk. Once all the ingredients are mixed, we pour the soap into handmade wooden moulds to set for 48 hours. The soap is then hand cut into individual bars and left to ‘cure’ for a minimum of six weeks, leaving a gentle and caring bar of soap, delicate enough for even the most sensitive of skin.

Our Organic Goat’s Milk Soaps are luxuriously creamy and moisturising and packed full of vitamins and minerals that your skin will love!

It’s been exciting to research the many benefits of fresh, raw goat’s milk. For hundreds of years, it has been believed that goat’s milk has exceptional moisturising and healing properties. It is a similar ph level to human skin, and is naturally high in vitamins, minerals and alpha hydroxy acids, that nourish and rejuvenate. Goat’s milk soap works particularly well for sufferers of eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin problems. Of course, our soaps are also excellent on normal skin, and are just lovely to use.

All our guests receive a complimentary bar of the Organic Pure Goats Milk Soap in the bathroom for your stay but all the bars are available for sale.  The soaps are hand cut and packaged at an approximate weight of 90-100g. They are £4.95 each or £25 for a box of six soaps.

We usually have the following soaps available:

Sensitive Goats Milk Bar

Gentle & Nourishing

This is a very gentle cleansing and moisturising soap that is unfragranced and suitable for sensitive skin. Goats milk is rich in fatty acids that help keep skin nourished and hydrated.

Golden Calendula

Soothing & Hydrating

Made with Calendula infused oil from flowers grown at The Lint Mill, this unfragranced golden soap is soothing and calming on the skin. This bar is topped with dried Calendula petals.

Honey & Oatmeal

Moisturising & exfoliating

As well as the amazing properties of goats milk, this soap contains local honey from our neighbour’s bees which is known for its antibacterial, moisturising properties together with the anti-inflammatory powers of organic pinhead oatmeal. This is an ideal bar for dry, irritated skin and sufferers of eczema and psoriasis.

Cook’s Companion Bar

Freshening & exfoliating

This lovely soap is a great addition to the kitchen. It uses organic sweet orange essential oil for a fresh, fruity fragrance and coffee grounds as a gentle exfoliant and for their deodorising properties. Keep this soap by the kitchen sink to cleanse and freshen cook’s hands.

Gardener’s Scrub Bar

Invigorating & scrubby

This hardworking soap is still kind to gardener’s hands. It contains ground walnut shells as a natural exfoliant. With the herbaceous, woody fragrance of the kitchen garden evoked by powerful rosemary and invigorating mint, this is a great scrubby soap to reach for after a day with your hands in the soil.

Lavender & Rose Geranium

Floral & relaxing

This beautiful soap captures all the classic herbal fragrance of the cottage garden. Lavender is loved for its calming and relaxing properties whilst the addition of rose geranium adds sweet floral notes. This bar is topped with dried Lavender petals and is pretty soap for your guest bathroom.

Every bar of soap is made by hand using all natural ingredients. The joy of a hand-crafted process means that each bar is unique, the soaps can differ slightly between batches and the colours may differ from those in the photographs we use online.

All of our soaps are suitable for vegetarians.

To order you can email us at shop@thelintmill.co.uk and we will send details. The bars are £4.95 each or you can buy a gift boxed set of all six (or any combination of 6 you prefer) for £25. There is a flat rate for postage & packaging of £5.50 (for UK Tracked 48, Royal Mail).