Our guests come from all over the world and they travel here by many means, usually by car and plane.

We think that carbon offsetting has a positive contribution to make, but the various carbon offset schemes that exist can often seem complicated and time-consuming. So at The Lint Mill we keep it simple:

We know trees are good for the environment and locking up carbon, and the planting of trees will help to reduce the impact of unavoidable emissions. We offer our guests a small way to contribute to offsetting their carbon by planting a native British tree here at The Lint Mill.

For a donation of £20, we will buy a native tree (birch, rowan, hazel, hawthorn, holly, alder, or wild cherry) from The Woodland Trust (so you are also supporting this excellent charity), plant it for you and care for it here at The Lint Mill. It will have a copper label bearing your name and you will receive a certificate acknowledging your contribution.

We also think that a tree planted in someone’s name is a thoughtful gift for a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding or any other special occasion. You can even choose your tree because of the symbolism associated with it:

Birch for new beginnings and protection

Rowan for courage, healing and protection

Hazel for wisdom and inspiration

Holly for protection and good fortune

Alder for strength and protection

Wild Cherry for good fortune and fertility

We will make a copper label for the tree and gift certificate in the name of the gift recipient for you to give.

Please email us on info@thelintmill.co.uk to gift a tree for someone you care about.

We’re delighted to help you to help our environment.