We are not in an officially designated ‘Dark Skies’ area but our fourteen acres are really great for viewing the night sky. We are miles away from direct street lighting, and there are no buildings or trees to obstruct your view of the stars.

On a clear night, you can certainly see all the major constellations, planets and even our own galaxy; the Milky Way, a loose spiral of many billions of stars stretching over 100,000 light years. We’ve had some wonderful meteor showers including the Perseids which occur in August and the Leonids in November. You can witness a dazzling display if the weather conditions are good.

We recommend that you dress up warmly, arm yourself with our star charts and binoculars and go to lie in our river paddock to get a good view of the night sky. There are also lovely benches around the place to sit on if you don’t want the full supine encounter! We make moon phase and moon rise and set times available to you as well as weather forecasts to enable you to choose the best time for seeing the stars. We provide ground mats to save you from the chill, and we even offer a flask of organic cocoa and carrot cake (well carrots do help you see in the dark!) to make your stargazing experience as enjoyable and informative as possible.