We invite all of our participants to leave comments at the end of the day. They can do this anonymously if they wish. Here is a selection of recent comments:

Writing Courses

“This course is wonderfully restful and also highly productive. Alicia Stubbersfield is a warm and facilitative tutor, the surroundings are idyllically peaceful and beautiful, and the food is delicious. It’s an effective writing workshop and a brilliant holiday all rolled into one.”

May 2022

This is a most lovely and welcoming venue in folds of hills with goats and sheep and dogs and delicious veggie food. Debby and Colin are more than welcoming. Alicia, the tutor is well-prepared but also very relaxed. It was a happy learning time for those of us who attended this course.

May 2022

Smallholding Courses

“I have enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the instruction was very informative. The course covered everything I was interested in. It was well organised and delivered. The facilities were fabulous, great food and lovely company. Thank you.

July 2022

“A good general intro to smallholding. Also, plenty of space for questions and natural flow. Well organised and a great itinerary. A lovely home and location. I have a better understanding of the reality of smallholding and what it takes to make it work. Everything was perfect.

June 2022

“An excellent approach to answering questions. The material was just the right level – very informative and specific information for people just starting out. The organisation was extremely well thought out. The map was beautiful and the resource pack was brilliant. It was very encouraging and I feel inspired!

May 2022

The quality of the instruction was excellent, informative and I learned a lot. The course was exactly what I’d hoped for. The pre-course information was excellent, the food was perfect and I have left with a greater understanding of what I hope to achieve.”

October 2021

The honest presentation of the realities of smallholding was actually very inspiring.” Thank you all for a really lovely day.”

September 2021

“We had a fantastic time and really learned so much about how to go about planning and implementing a smallholding. Really informative, fun and friendly. Fab animals – you really care for them and it shows.”

August 2021

“A great introduction to smallholding with hands on experiences with hens, goats and sheep. Colin and Debby were perfect hosts with a great enthusiasm backed up with a wealth of experience.

July 2021

The mixture of Debby’s organised structure and Colin’s laidback approach, interjected with subtle, wicked humour, creates a dynamic in which information is well presented but in a relaxed manner. The atmosphere is open and friendly where experience from anyone present is not only welcomed but encouraged, the focus being on providing good information, not on them as individuals. Debby and Colin not only are knowledgeable and generous with this knowledge, but also great company and I could happily have stood chatting all night. They are clearly passionate about their subject and the deep rooted understanding of the environment they have created and for their livestock is inspiring. Debby and Colin are realists that do not paint a rose tinted view of their journey or even their current position as being perfect, and instead use their mistakes and learnings as lessons throughout the course.This is a great course for anyone from dreamers who feel a small holding may be what they are after, to those already on their journey wishing to expand or improve their systems.

June 2021

Craft Courses

I spent a wonderful long weekend at The Lint Mill and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing yet captivating stay in a quiet and lovingly kept corner of Scotland. Deborah and Colin are generous and attentive hosts around the clock – the meals in particular are astounding, with world-class seasonal home-baked breads, cakes and puddings. Most ingredients are sourced directly from their bountiful organic farm, and it was such a treat to be offered a tour, friendly goats included.

The Coracle Building Experience has been a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and the picture-perfect setting at the Lint Mill has truly made this a memory I’ll remember forever! Despite being one of the planet’s leading experts in willows and basketry and coracles, Jane is a fantastic and generous teacher, always hands-on and patient. She makes sure to meet everyone at their own skill levels and is always available anytime someone has a question. She also encouraged the group to work together and this helped forge some amazing friendships. Now I not only have (some of) the skills and know-how to build a bada$$ little boat, but also the honour of being part of a beautiful craft and tradition going back over a millennium. Come to this workshop with a sense of curiosity and collaboration, and you’ll leave with so much more.

September 2022

“I had a fantastic weekend learning how to make a willow basket. The course was fantastic as were the hosts and the food. I can’t recommend more highly. I love my basket too!”

October 2019

“What a lovely way to spend a Sunday at the Lint Mill! A course on how to make woven willow plant supports. Good chat was had among the motley crew of participants and taking in tips and words of wisdom from tutor Jane as she deftly demonstrated each task to get our supports complete…….And the refreshments!!!! lovely coffee on arrival …. drunk while admiring the contents of the polytunnel…and cooing over the gorgeous Sandy and Black pigs, the magnificently displaying peacock..Soay sheep Bagot and Golden Guernsey goats…chickens….and super friendly house dogs…….Then down to the work in hand. Lunch was rare breed home bred pork (fantastic crackling!!) with polytunnel salad and baked potatoes with a lightly spiced squash type thingy…..the gluten free sourdough loaf was the best I have ever eaten and with a hefty coating of butter delicious! back to finish our plant supports before being revived with more lovely coffee and a warm out of the oven lemon drizzle cake!!! All catering supplied by Colin….that man can cook!!!.. and the gluten free aspects were not detected by those who can tolerate it….it was that good!!!. Debby was a super hostess and the hours flew by…Jane is a sympathetic teacher explaining in easy terms the how’s and whys of what we were to do….. I can hardly believe I have made two cracking and very useful willow obelisks with my own fair hands….kept right by Jane throughout!!…Numbers are kept down so that individual attention can be had for the tricky bits…hospitality to die for…can’t wait for the next course. The Lint Mill is also a B&B which would be a great place to stopover. The course was hard work but a great feeling of satisfaction for a new skill learned and two useful additions to the garden. I can highly recommend a visit to participate or stay for the night…you will be well looked after!”

May 2019