A Birthday Orchard

Late last summer I was 50 and I decided I would like fruit trees as birthday gifts, so that my 50th year would be marked by the planting of an orchard that this in turn would give me many birthday gifts in the late summers of years to come.

My friends and family gave me vouchers from Blackmoor Nurseries last year, but I knew I would not be able to plant the bare-rooted trees until their dormant period (November to March) and I decided to leave it as late as possible due to the weather conditions here in South Lanarkshire.

Well today three apple trees, a pear and a plum tree arrived. I have chosen hardy, old fashioned varieties, with a mixture of cookers and eaters. They have wonderful names; Blenhiem Orange, James Grieve, Ellison’s Orange, like promises of the fragrant fruit to come. I hope the soil is still warmed from the recent weather before the snow. I’m looking forward to planting…

We plant upon the sunny lea,

A shadow for the noontide hour,

A shelter from the summer shower

When we plant the apple tree.

William Cullen Bryant

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One comment

  • kay Webb September 22, 2012  

    The orchard looked lovely and the fruit should be fabulous when it comes. Blenheim orange and James Grieve are lovely apples and I am sre you will make full use of them.

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