A Blank Canvas

We love this time of year when the growing season in the polytunnel gets going in earnest and the empty beds begin to fill. We still have a few red cabbages left from last season as well as some kale, which we’re still enjoying. The early season purple sprouting broccoli is still going strong and the overwintering onion bed is doing well. The broad bean plants look good and sturdy and the first radishes were sampled today straight from the salad bed!

Today Colin did some much needed weeding and tidying. After sorting out all his seeds, he has spent the afternoon sowing lots of trays with what will become our early summer through to autumn vegetables. He sowed beetroot and spinach directly into the ground and borage and basil into large pots. Every seed tray has been filled with French beans, runner beans (Enorma again after the success of last year’s crop), borlotti beans (a new crop for us), turnips, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, courgette and marrow (Badger variety), and finally pak choi and some spring early cabbage. Colin also planted the peas into a bed.

This year, in the spirit of recycling, we are pressing some old objects into service as planters and pots. My very first Aga kettle is going to get a new role growing Morrocan mint for tea and Colin’s old size 11 wellies should encourage some good long leeks!

We are having some new windows fitted this week and the old ones are destined to make some cold frames for outside.

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