A Maudie Walk

In our house, when we want to do something particularly relaxing, we talk about going for a ‘Maudie Walk’. This is a walk which involves just one of us and just one dog, our deerhound Maud.

Usually our dog walking is a kind of lively mayhem, with each of our dogs on their own individual journey, somewhat reluctantly part of the pack. Frieda is a creature of habit and insists on marching her own route as if on military manoeuvres. Attempts to spontaneously alter the route are futile as Frieda will just make her own way home. Lotte is a happy little shadow, always at your feet, never straying, particularly full of joy when the treat bag appears. Gertie has to be prised from her bed and then carried half way round the route. As soon as her paws touch the ground she finds the swiftest route home, and waits for you on the doorstep. Hilde spends her entire walk barking at every other living creature that’s bigger than her, which is pretty much everything! Maud engages in the first part of the walk sensibly, then she careers around the fields flat out like a thoroughbred racehorse and spends the last part of the walk pretending Gertie is a rabbit, pouncing on her all the way home!
A ‘Maudie Walk’ is a much more relaxing affair. There is something beautiful about Maud’s spirit that makes her an excellent lone companion and her loyal nature means she is simply happy to be with you. 
Everyone should have a daily Maudie walk. 

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One comment

  • MR October 20, 2012  

    Sounds like bliss with Maud. My walk with Chica is rather less relaxing but nevertheless wonderful!

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