All About Ivy

This newsletter begins with a little British obsession about the weather! Well, it has been the wettest October in parts of Scotland since 1838 and it’s also been a pretty soggy start to November here at The Lint Mill! However we mercifully missed some of the worst effects of Storm Babet. Sadly, the frosts and bright autumn days have been few and far between. No sooner had the trees donned their autumn hues than the leaves were blown off leaving us in no doubt that winter is now here.

Good news you may think if you have a new dachshund puppy…lots of time indoors for snuggles and cuddles by the fire! It would be easy to paint that blissful picture for you all and give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside but in truth it has involved a lot of standing in a soggy garden in the drizzle urging a ‘diddle’ to be performed, in rather Joyce Grenfell-like tones!

I mentioned last month that it’s 10 years since our last puppy and it seems there’s nothing like having a puppy to remind you exactly what those 10 years have meant to the body and mind! Dachshunds are not famed for their ease of toilet training but it has to be said that this week we had something of a break through as Ivy stood at the kitchen door crying to go out. Unfortunately, this was swiftly followed by Ivy’s assessment of the weather, and a sprint back to the kitchen to perform said ‘diddle’ on the floor!

The name Ivy is typically associated with strength, resilience, and the ability to overcome challenges, so we hope peeing outdoors in the Scottish weather will be one challenge that our Ivy will rise to.

Nonetheless, Ivy has wheedled her way into our hearts, been embraced by our other dogs and is certainly a bringer of great joy. She is feisty and fun and despite her ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ looks, she has energy and personality to spare. She does love a cuddle, so in between garden visits we are getting plenty of those, sometimes even in front of a roaring fire!

For those of you in the northern hemisphere, stay warm and cosy as winter sets in and for our antipodean friends and relatives, we’re only a tiny bit jealous brrr!

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