Anniversary Flowers

It’s our 17th wedding anniversary today and my mum sent us this wonderful bouquet. It’s full of roses, antirrhinums, and lisianthus. Knowing my mum she would be well aware of the meaning of all these flowers, roses for deep love, antirrhinums for wishes to come true, and lisianthus which is said to communicate charisma and congeniality!

It was also a timely reminder to weed our ‘anniversary’ border which we planted for our first anniversary here at The Lint Mill. It is stocked with delphinium, lupin, scabious, lavender, veronica, polemonium, hebe and a rambling rose. We also plan to take some basal cuttings of the delphiniums to increase the stock of one of my favourite flowers. We have planted the clematis that mum sent to us. It’s an evergreen clematis called Cartmanii Fragrant Oberon and it produces hundreds of tiny highly perfumed flowers in the spring. This year we are growing many more flowers from seed and I’m looking forward to the cottage garden in full bloom.

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