Archeological Dig

Colin’s parents visited last weekend and the beautiful weather meant we could spend our days in the garden.

I love the idea of sharing plants from one garden to another and Colin’s mum had brought a car full of plants that she had dug up and divided from her garden in Cheshire. There were peonies, myosotis, calendula, pinks, veronica, a flame orange azalea and lots of low growing ground cover plants.

However, what started as some weeding and planting seemed to turn into an archeological dig! The border at the far end of the garden was full of buried stones of all shapes and sizes. Colin’s dad dug up an old stone lintel which is undoubtedly from the original Lint Mill building.

We have used the small stones to make a rustic lawn edging. The larger ones will make a rockery to be filled with alpines, next to the herb garden. The large flat stones will form a path from the garden gate to the conservatory. And finally, we’ll use the lovely hand hewn lintel to make a stone seat in a shady corner of the garden.

It’s all looking lovely thanks to a weekend of hard work and we’re looking forward to seeing how all the plants establish throughout the summer months.

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