Autumn Lawn Care

Trying to get a last lawn cut in the autumn to prepare the grass for raking and aerating can be tricky.  The wet summer has given way to a wet autumn and finding a couple of dry days together to get the lawn mower out just hasn’t been possible yet.  So, time to release our trio of geese onto our lawned areas.  They are the perfect helpers for lawn mowing as their serrated bills are the ideal tool for a close clip.  Once they’ve grazed the grass down we can get on with the annual moss removal and the aeration of the lawns to encourage good growth next spring.

The geese will have grass all through the winter.  As the horses are moved from the summer paddocks to the winter paddock on 1st November, the geese will be moved into the river paddock with the sheep over winter.  Geese love the snow and the cold but they have a lovely straw-filled goose house for shelter and we feed them maize and corn to supplement their grass diet during the winter months.

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One comment

  • Kris Lord October 20, 2012  

    Well done in aerating your lawns … it is the best thing you can do to them!

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