Bonnie, Morag and Cora

Expanding the Flock

When we first arrived at The Lint Mill in October 2009, we would travel over the Greenshields Road to Biggar.  We would drive past  a smallholding called Wester Gladstone and slow to a crawl to get a better look at the extraordinary multi horned black sheep in the fields.  From the moment we saw them, we knew that one day we would have a flock of these wonderful sheep, so we started our research.

It turned out we couldn’t have gone to a better place.  Gordon and Juliet specialise in breeding registered pedigree Hebridean sheep with the very rare original characteristics of the breed.  As they say on their website, ‘If you want to see multi horned, scurred, polled and the extremely rare topknotted Hebrideans as well as the more usual two horned type, this is the place to come’.

They were very generous with their time and expertise and the following autumn we bought three beautiful ewe lambs from them. Bonnie is a two horned ewe and Morag and Cora are both four horned.

We have focussed on the Shetland flock over the last couple of years but now we would like to expand our Hebridean flock so tomorrow we will visit Gordon and Juliet to discuss tupping our Hebridean ewes this autumn from one of their magnificent tups. We are very excited!

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