Gardening Between Showers

Despite the torrential downpours and giant hailstones that seem to be characterising May this year, we’re trying to spend the occasional dry spell in the cottage garden. There is plenty to do at this time of year, as well as the endless weeding.

Our Giant Scabious, or if you prefer the botanical latin, our Cephalaria Gigantea, has overwhelmed the blue border. Although the sight of the lemon yellow flowers waving gently in the breeze, dancing against a deep blue sky is truly wonderful in high summer, I have decided that they are established enough to split and spread around the garden. I think they will look lovely against the wall that adjoins my riding arena. The primrose yellow pincushion flowers will wave above the height of the wall later this summer and they will be a haven for bees and butterflies.

I have added a beautiful Aquilegia variety to the blue border. It is Aquilegia Caerulea, also known as the Colorado Blue Columbine, and it is a charming old fashioned cottage garden plant, with its nodding blue and white bonnet-like flowers.

I have also given the Forsythia a good prune back following flowering and it’s in much better shape against the wall of The Lint Mill now.

The annuals that Colin has grown from seed in the polytunnel will be ready to plant out later this month as soon as the weather improves. Meanwhile, I’ve decided to grow some sweet peas in the garden this year as well as those we always grow in the polytunnel. You can’t have too many sweet peas in pretty jugs dotted around the house throughout the summer, so I’m siting my cane wigwam handily for cutting. I have two collections this year, both highly fragranced, one bearing deep coloured flowers and the other pastel shades.

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