Harrowing The Land

It’s been a beautiful day, the first real late spring weather we’ve had. We’ve moved the sheep and lambs onto the back paddocks again today. They’ve done a great job of nibbling down the ragwort in the hilly paddock but the weather has been so cold that the grass has been very slow to grow and now the naughty lambs are escaping all over the place in search of more grass. Colin had to chase them out of the garden this morning at 5am, where they were munching away on my new beautiful plants in the blue border!!

Moving the sheep today turned out to be good timing as our neighbouring farmer, taking advantage of the good weather, came and harrowed the hilly paddock. This will break up the horse dung from the winter and arerate the field to encourage better growth. We’ll rest this paddock for a few weeks before putting the ewes back when we are ready to wean the lambs.

We managed to get the lawns cut for the first time today as well, so everywhere is looking very cheery indeed. It’s amazing what a sunny day can do.

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