Jill’s Winter Residency

As the days get ever shorter heading towards midwinter, it feels good to spend some creative time in the studio. Jill’s timely visit gave me the excuse to do just that.

We decided the project for the weekend would be making The Lint Mill Christmas card. It had the desired effect of providing quiet time out whilst simultaneously feeling very industrious.

Jill led me through her lino cut method.  I have done a number of linocuts under Jill’s expert supervision over the years; my Aga, a row of Dutch houses, a Christmas card when I lived in Cheshire, but my occasional attempts couldn’t come close to the fluid lines and vigorous images Jill* produces.  I console myself with the fact that this is Jill’s profession and feel happy to be closely supervised!

We spent time sourcing images, drawing out the design, cutting the lino and printing the design on a variety of different backgrounds.

We made time to take photographs of some of the Lint Mill inhabitants to inspire Jill’s next collection of prints. Look out for Guinea fowl, Oxford Sandy and Black pigs and Soay sheep, all of which Jill thinks would make interesting subjects for her new prints.

All our lovely guests who have stayed with us over the year will receive a card. I hope they feel the joy and fun that was involved in the weekend of making with my best friend.

*you can follow Jill on Facebook and ‘like’ her page: Jill Kerr Linocuts

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One comment

  • MR November 26, 2012  

    All the cards you have produced over the years have been just wonderful and I look forward to receiving this one in due course. You and Jill make a brilliant team. We still talk about the marvellous job you both did in our church. xx

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