Lucy & Alice

It’s nearly a month since our cats Lucy and Alice (a mum and her kitten) arrived.  Elspeth from Cats Protection rescued them and thought they would do well here.  They had been living wild in Perthshire  after being abandoned when someone moved home.  It’s clear that they have been domestic cats as they love a cuddle and a tummy rub.

Here at The Lint Mill they are stable cats  and we hoped they would be good ‘mousers’.  After three weeks locked in the stables to bond with their new home, they are now out and about.  Alice (the black and white one) is out all day.  She can be seen hunting and also sleeping in the sunniest parts of the garden.  Lucy (all black) seems to spend her day on top of the high cupboard in the tack room and is a nocturnal hunter.

Certainly there are plenty of ‘gifts’ left on the tack room floor each morning when we pop in to feed them!  It’s wonderful having cats around the place again and they make the landscape look like a miniature Serengeti.  They are of course super smart and wait until our dogs are inside before they venture out to play.



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  • Peter McMaster August 18, 2012  

    Lucky cats, I am sure, after having visited The Lint Mill on several occasions, that they will have a wonderful life and will be in good hands. What a special place it is out there!
    Hopefully it won’t be long before I am back.

  • MR August 19, 2012  

    Certainly are lucky cats being loved in such a lovely place. Glad we’ve managed to get booked in with you for the Christmas period. Can’t wait for our return visit.

  • Tracey August 19, 2012  

    They are a beautiful pair. Looking forward to meeting them soon.

  • kay Webb September 3, 2012  

    They look gorgeous and can’t wait to meet them both. They have got themselves a great home and will be much loved I am sure, especially if they keep doing their job well, which it sounds like they are doing.

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