Mr Darcy, Miss Bennett & Dixie Chick

Mr Darcy & Miss Bennett

Well it’s been a poultry filled weekend!  At the beginning of the summer Basil, our gander sadly broke his leg and had to be put down leaving our goose Sybil on her own.

Meanwhile, our lone Aylesbury x Khaki Campbell duck had gone broody and without a drake we knew her eggs would be infertile, so we popped a couple of hens’ eggs under her too. One chick hatched and we called her Dixie Chick. Unfortunately Dixie thinks she’s a duck and won’t hang out with the other chicks, resisting all attempts to integrate her with the rest of the flock!

For a few months Sybil, Dixie and the duck made a strange but companionable trio. Then tragedy struck again when the duck was taken by a fox leaving Sybil and Dixie as a very odd couple indeed!

Enter Mr Darcy (a handsome utility Toulouse) and Miss Bennett (a lovely Embden), transported from Cheshire by my Jane Austen loving sister.

Now Sybil is one of a lovely trio, leaving us with only Dixie’s identity crisis to sort out!


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  • 'Aunty Carol and Uncle Dennis' August 28, 2012  

    Lovely story – a typical Debby & Tracey saga! xx

  • kay Webb September 3, 2012  

    They are beautiful and can’t wait to meet them both next visit. Company for Sybil especially as Dixie chick is heading for the pot!!!

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