Only Genuine Romantics Need Apply

One of the nicest things about sharing our home with our B&B guests is planning the little extras that we hope will make the difference between a very nice stay and a really special stay.

My only guide really, is knowing what I truly enjoy and a hope that our guests will enjoy it too. It’s been great fun planning our special weekend for couples who use the feast of St Valentine as an excuse to treat themselves to a romantic break.

I began with a little research and it seems that the real history of Valentine’s Day is pretty obscure, and further mystified by fanciful legends. Like so many of our traditional festivals the roots can be traced back to pre-Christianity, in this case to the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration commemorated annually on February 15. Pope Gelasius I recast this pagan festival as a Christian feast day around 496, declaring February 14 to be St. Valentine’s Day.

I decided that I would plan a special dinner menu, based around our produce from the smallholding and other seasonal delights, with a distinctly ‘pink’ hue!

Rose Prosecco Cocktail

Pink Piccante Prawns with fresh homemade crusty bread

The Lint Mill slow cooked shoulder of Shetland Lamb with Pomegranate


Baked Camembert with new potatoes & sweet pickled cucumber (v)

Molten Chocolate Babycakes infused with Pink Peppercorns

Regional farmhouse cheese & handmade oatcakes

Coffee or Pukka ‘Love’ tea & homemade Scottish tablet

I’ve also really enjoyed dreaming up the extra special romantic treats.  Themed reading by the bedside table is something I know I would enjoy, so I’ve put together a variety of books from love poetry to classic love stories to inspire and entertain.  Colin has followed suit by selecting CDs from our extensive music collection which will provide the required ‘romantic’ ambience from a variety which we think will suit most musical tastes.

Following the success of my handmade chocolate peppermint creams with our guests at Christmas, I have made outrageously pink and glittery chocolate peppermint hearts to adorn the welcome tray!  Also, the heavenly herbal, organic soaps from the award winning Caurnie soaperie have only been enhanced by being heart shaped this month!  

And of course, there’s the Valentine jigsaw! It’s fiendishly difficult but beautiful and satisfying when complete. It’s from the fantastic Wentworth Puzzles It’s a finely cut wooden puzzle and includes their famous ‘whimsies’; little wooden pieces cut to theme, in this case you’ll find bottles of champagne, a ring and cupid and his arrow. If you’re not easily frustrated and enjoy a challenge, it’s an absorbing way to while away a couple of hours on your relaxing weekend.

The breakfast conservatory is looking cheerful with delicate spring blooms planted in vintage china teacups.  As the weekend approaches I will enjoy arranging the lovely scented candles and jugs of fresh spring flowers.

So, after all the fun of planning, we hope for a booking…only genuine romantics need apply!


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  • MR January 11, 2013  

    What an amazingly wonderful celebration of St. Valentine for those lucky enough to experience it.

  • kay Webb January 20, 2013  

    Sounds a wonderful combination from both of you, clever things aren’t you both!!!! Chocolate/Pink mint creams sound delicious and will be well received, as will everythig else I am sure. Of course only romantics should apply as it would be a waste of all the effort you have put in not to be!!

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