Our Pure Organic Goat’s Milk Soap

We are really delighted to be making our own Organic Goat’s Milk Soap. It is made from fresh, raw, organic goats’ milk from our two lovely Golden Guernsey Goats, Eva and Strega who Colin hand milks every morning.

We are lucky to have a neighbour Niki who is a soap maker (she used to trade as Findlays Bar). Niki has generously shared her soap making knowledge with us to help us to make our own Lint Mill soaps. Our soap is hand made in small batches with certified organic oils and butters using the traditional cold process method. Our Organic Goat’s Milk Soaps are luxuriously creamy and moisturising and packed full of vitamins and minerals that your skin will love!

It’s been exciting to research the many benefits of fresh, raw goat’s milk. For hundreds of years, it has been believed that goat’s milk has exceptional moisturising and healing properties. It is a similar ph level to human skin, and is naturally high in vitamins, minerals and alpha hydroxy acids, that nourish and rejuvenate. Goat’s milk soap works particularly well for sufferers of eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin problems. Of course, our soaps are also excellent on normal skin, and are just lovely to use.

This traditional ‘cold process’ method known involves mixing quality, organically sourced, natural oils with an alkali mixture, known as lye, which is made with the raw goats milk. Once all the ingredients are mixed, we pour the soap into handmade wooden moulds to set for 48 hours. The soap is then hand cut into individual bars and left to ‘cure’ for a minimum of four weeks, leaving a gentle and caring bar of soap, delicate enough for even the most sensitive of skin.

We currently have Pure Organic Goat’s Milk Soap, Organic Goat’s Milk, Honey & Oatmeal Soap (which is lovely and exfoliating) and we are about to add Organic Goat’s Milk & Calendula Soap to the selection, having hand-picked and dried the petals from this year’s calendula flowers.

It’s lovely to be able to put our goat’s milk to such productive use.


All of our soaps are suitable for vegetarians.

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