[mass noun]

the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related

Unrelated Event One

Earlier this year, our good friends Hugh and Rhona gave me a book called ‘Meditation and the Art of Beekeeping’ by Mark Magill.  It is a lovely book that combines practical beekeeping information with the environmental and spiritual lessons we can learn from the bees.

Unrelated Event Two

At The Lint Mill, we have been responding to the fact that our bee population is under threat like never before, with their numbers seriously declining and although we are not organically certified (at present), we try to employ a number of organic farming practices to encourages higher levels of wildlife – including bees – on our smallholding. We have a wide variety of bee friendly plants in our garden, and a vibrant array of wild flowering plants in the deliberately uncultivated areas of our land.

Unrelated Event Three

On 26 August 1961, I was born and my mother Miriam named me Deborah. In Hebrew the meaning of my name is Bee.

Unrelated Event Four

On 26th August 2013, Colin and my family gave me a beautiful red cedar Warré behive for my birthday made by Ian at Glastonbees. It was a surprise! The Warré Hive (also known as the People’s Hive) was developed in France by Emile Warré (1867-1951).  Warré developed the People’s Hive after experimenting with over 350 hives of various designs and types.   It was his goal to find a hive system that was simple, natural, economical, and bee-friendly.  The result was the People’s Hive (Ruche Populaire).


I think I am destined to be a beekeeper.  Now, in the long nights ahead I am learning about the bees, reading about their habits, considering the politics of natural beekeeping, of only taking what honey the bees can spare and it is a journey of pure mystery and fascination. I hope by the spring I will know what I need to know to welcome my first colony.

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