The New Pig House

Today we put the new pig house together.  It’s quite big and at 6′ x 6′ it’s enough to raise four weaners to pork and bacon weight.  It was warm in the sun when we were building it.  Fortunately, we had my DIY enthusiast sister and many of her tools to help us (thank you Tracey)!  The house is well made but the assembly would definitely have been made easier by the provision of some pre-drilled holes in the wood to help fit the panels together. Nonetheless, two hours later (having been fortified by some delicious home-cured bacon in freshly-baked bread!) the house was sitting in the paddock.  We will next erect the electric fencing, position the feed and water troughs and then we’ll be ready for piggy 3, piggy 4, piggy 5 and piggy 6 who arrive next weekend!

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  • MR September 30, 2012  

    May I place an order now, please? I especially like the idea of the home cured bacon.

  • MR September 30, 2012  

    A case of ‘this little piggy went to market’, eh?

  • pathgirl October 1, 2012  

    And I remember when Colin wanted pigs and you said “no we won’t have pigs.” 🙂 Ya’ll have come a long way 🙂

    • Deborah October 3, 2012  

      Ah well, that will teach me! Never say never! They are so fabulous, fun and rewarding…real stars of the smallholding…don’t tell Gertie!!

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