Belle and piglets

The OSBs are Coming!

Ardunan Farm is a small mixed holding owned and run by David Campbell & Gillian Mackay.  We spoke to them on the phone to discuss the two weaners we wanted to buy and they kindly said we could call out to see the piglets any time.  So on Sunday afternoon we went to visit Belle and her litter of ten piglets.

If you’d like to read the details of Belle’s farrowing you can follow this link

Well, after our visit to see the little, muddy cuties we came away debating whether we should rear two or four this year.  David was keen for us to take four as it would keep all the gilts (girls) from the litter together.  So, we did some sourcing of organic pig feed, the ordering of a bigger pig ark and some calculating of how much pork we would have to sell in the spring.  Then we got back to David and Gillian and said we would take the four!

We loved having piggy one and piggy two last year and we’re very much looking forward to having piggy three, piggy four, piggy five and piggy six this year (we imagine not giving them names helps at the other end!).  They are the real characters of the smallholding.

We collect them at the end of the month…you can expect plenty of pictures to come!

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