The Plum Pudding Pigs

Yesterday we ordered two Oxford Sandy and Black piglets from Ardunan Farm to collect as weaners in the next few weeks.  We will raise them over the winter for pork and bacon next spring.  They are our second lot of OSBs, a rare traditional breed and we love them!  They are friendly pigs with excellent temperaments and very attractive looks.  They are recommended for smallholdings and first time keepers and they did not disappoint, so when it came time to get our next lot of weaners, the plum pudding pigs (so called because of their black blotches) are once again our pigs of choice.

The OSB  is lighter boned than many other breeds so it produces a good ratio of meat to bone.  It is also less inclined to put on excess fat than some breeds. We raise them on grassland, feed organic GM and additive free food to ensure they have the right balance of vitamins and minerals and supplement their diet with fresh vegetables everyday which we are given from The Orchard, the greengrocer in Biggar. They get treats of apples, pears, tomatoes, mushrooms and the occasional avocado every afternoon (they love to crunch the avocado stones!).

Our pigs are totally outdoor reared, free to root naturally and are encouraged to develop slowly to improve the texture and the taste of the meat. Our pork at The Lint Mill is unlike any we have ever tasted, a darker meat with delicious flavour.

However, the next few months will be devoted to ensuring that they have happy, healthy lives during their time with us and we will enjoy every minute of living with these entertaining creatures.

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  • MR August 24, 2012  

    After reading about the ‘pork’, it looks like we’ll be booking in again in the Spring!

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